Our Values

Xigo Logix is an enterprise where Technology is created / assimilated to make useful products / services / solutions.

We enable the use of such to achieve productivity enhancements, improve security, and enhance comforts of our customers.

Our passion for technology has inspired the creation of Xigo Logix into a pure technology firm and ever since, the seeds of Xigo Logix sprouted in 2014, we have strived to be agile and focused on innovation.

Our Strength

Management / Owners Perspective

We develop application from the perspective of the key decision makers, enabling them to control and grow their businesses as they wish.

Data Analytics

We help businesses capture data, which talks. The unique coupling of large data generation and using them for custom analytics, we provide insights to decision makers like never before.

Highest Software & Data Security

Data security is one biggest forte. We provide multi-layered online as well hardware based security for all our customers at levels required by them.

Optimized Costs

We design and develop only what is required . We develop with agility and cost in mind and always provide the best solution, with optimized overall software life cycle cost.

IoT / Smart Device Integration

If the application requires integration with smart devices / hardware, we can do that seamlessly.

Support Systems

Round the clock support for users. Tech support on premise, as required.

Ways to Work Together

We would happy, if you intend to tap into our accumulated knowledge in IT and related realms.
If you are considering an IT initiative, or facing challenges with on going ones, please reach out to us.

We can assist you to arrive at right solutions

Support Consulting and Service Quality Assessments

We can review your current IT Environment

Migrate legacy Software applications to latest technologies