DevOps is really about automating everything to get custom software through development.

DevOp tools bringing new vision to the development process and all processes linked to it: testing, integrations and deployment. Adopting DevOps practices means giving your company an upsurge in its ability to speed up delivery of applications and services, reducing downtimes thus increasing availability, simplifying management processes and provisioning infrastructure

Here is what we do in this context:

    Design and setup of development, testing and productions environments
    Automate testing, development, update and deployment processes
    Configure and optimize infrastructure performance
    Apply "zero-downtime" changes processes into runtime environments
    Optimize resource and cost usage of existing environments
    Perform a wide-range analysis of existing environments (security, load tests)
    Implement continuous integration and continuous delivery techniques

Our Expertise

We will help you to achieve your goals and to grow your business.