IT Consultancy

We provide a range of specialist consulting includes IT Consulting, IT Management and Outsourcing Services, Management Consulting, and a range of Computer Support functions and solutions. The backbone and focus of our services is systems security, both hard and soft.
With the same prowess, we will help you find, test, design and implement scalable and cost-efficient IT infrastructures for your small- or medium-sized business.
We provide insight into current and new technologies, Cloud Migration, Mobile App Implementation, Smart Device Integration, IoT Adoption and demonstrate its impact on your organisation.

Our IT Support and Business Support Services includes

    Full system project management and custom system development
    Full life-cycle management including scoping, planning, development and project management
    Business Solutions consulting: consulting on short, medium and long-term information systems, IT infrastructure plans and implementations
    Business Intelligence: resourcing, planning, solutions planning and model implementation
    System and Infrastructure Maintenance, Management and Consulting
    Network and network security management
    User Management: Full life-cycle user management
    Procurement and Supply: Specifying, sourcing and procuring hardware, software and licenses
    Managed Services

We Implement Industry-Leading Cyber Security Software, and Response Solutions

Bolster your business resilience by securing your network at every possible point of intrusion. We believe that your best line of defence is a strong offence. We plan, execute, and enforce the strictest security measures to safeguard your digital information. Protect your business against loss of revenue and reputational damage that breaches and downtime bring with them.
IT security is a fundamental element of information assurance which comprises backup and disaster recovery procedures. With the proliferation of IoT and cloud migration, companies of any size are more exposed to cyber-attack than ever before. Databases, APIs, cloud-based-servers, and mobile applications add more links to your networks chain, each of which should be protected.

Our services include:

    Baseline auditing and testing to gauge current security and awareness levels
    Simulated cyber-attacks to test your defense mechanisms
    Deploying Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) to monitor suspicious or malicious activity
    Securing each network entry and exit point with sound policies and end-point security software on all connected devices
    Managing access and data protection across public, private or hybrid cloud solutions

Third Party Software Procurement & Deployment

Unlike other technology vendors who only sell, promote and implement their own software, we helps clients select and implement the tool that is the best fit.
Our team can implement or help you partner with your existing software vendor to successfully implement their solutions.

We consistently hear that clients are confused with what is included in their software purchase, that the implementation project is struggling and that clients are not receiving the value they expected from the tool. Many of these implementations fail because BIG system integrators too often focus on abstract system requirements seemingly pulled from a generic RFP database that may have limited relevance to your actual implementation. Their clients are charged exorbitant fees for pre-ordained decisions without the creation of useful software designs or informative roadmaps.
We help you build out your business workflows so that you can take your ideas from concept through to content-driven designs.

Enabling Xigo Logix with your business is about more than buttons, features and dashboards.

We will help you to achieve your goals and to grow your business.