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AI a myth or a truth : May be lots of computing power and showbiz?

Cycles are faster than bikes and cars in cities, right says Frank, the machine learning algo

Its elementary when told that bicycles are faster in todays cities compared to motorbikes and cars. This time, so says, an entity called, Frank. Frank is the machine learning routing algorithm of meal delivery service of Deliveroo. It which works with 13,000 riders and drivers in 13 countries. More

Artificial Intelligence: Curiosity might have killed the cat, but it is certainly making machines smarter than humans.

Curiosity killed the cat, some say. What happens next? has been both the boon and bane of the mankind, but lets discuss the good thing here. All the advancements in science and technology, arts and humanities have been possible only due to curiosity. More

Google AI Research: On-device text classification AI achieves 86.7% accuracy

Deep neural networks which are like dummy brains for an AI machine. These machines which performs image recognition and language translation, requires large amount of memory and computation power. Now Google have developed, Self-governing Neural Networks achieve remarkable accuracy on mobiles. More

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